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$619K Vashon home topped with 'outdoor bedroom'

Someone obviously gave a lot of thought to some of these design choices

Start in the covered roof-top deck. That’s probably where the swinging bed hangs out. Settle into a bed that sways naturally surrounded by tall trees and hopefully gentle breezes (though probably not lately.) Access seems to be from a open staircase that climbs the roof from the master suite’s deck. That kind of design detail doesn’t just happen, unless you hire a magician.

This Northwest Contemporary is Northwest as much from lifestyle as from style. Someone was willing to break convention. Check out the kitchen sink. Usually that’s something to glance right past. This one may not show up in the expansive "chef’s kitchen"s frequently listed, but some chefs will appreciate a triple sink with sideboards and backsplash all made in metal, either aluminum or stainless steel. It may not be elegant for some, but when you’re doing a lot of cooking and cleaning it can be valuable to set a pot down anywhere.

Notice the property, 14.64 acres of forest, trails, and a stream that abut land trust properties. A bit was carved out for the house, and even there they had to squeeze it in along a steep slope. Of course, maybe that was the idea. It was built in 1993, when the trees were shorter; but it must get enough light because it is designed for passive solar which is augmented by solar panels.

At its most basic, it is a three bedroom, one and three-quarter bathroom, 2,100 square foot house listed at $619,000. One extra detail may reveal a source of the creativity. There’s also a detached 900 square foot studio that could have two connotations: a studio as in no bedroom, or a studio as in an artist’s space. Considering this house, it’s probably something else, and worth a tour.