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Saturday could be Seattle’s biggest windstorm in a decade

Friday will bring winds but it’s all still a prelude to Saturday

The massive three-tiered storm moving through the Pacific Northwest dropped it’s appetizer on the region Thursday evening and early Friday morning. Now comes the second part where high winds are expected to whip through Seattle and the surrounding areas in the afternoon.

The National Weather Service has extended it’s high-wind warning for Western Washington into Friday afternoon as they expect wind speeds to range between 25 and 40 mph with gusts that reach 60.

Power outages have already begun in some areas. Make sure you’re prepared if you’re not already.

All of this remains a prelude to Saturday, however, which is expected to be as bad as a windstorm in December of 2006 that left a million Western Washingtonians without power.

"It’s a good chance it will be the strongest windstorm since the Hanukah Eve storm in 2006, when a lot of people were without power for several days because the damage was so widespread," National Weather Service meteorologist Doug McDonnal said Friday morning. "Some people were out of power for a week."

Meteorologists expect to have a better understanding of the storm’s trajectory and impact later Friday.