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Tricked-out Bellingham tiny house on wheels asks $66K

It is surprising how much some tiny houses can contain

Tiny houses are known for skipping some of the key parts of kitchens and bathrooms. This tiny house in Bellingham (hey, it’s on wheels so roll it to where you need it) used almost every cubic inch allowable within height, width, and length limits to fit in almost everything a conventional house would have, and do it well - which may be why the price is $66,000.

At 370 square feet, this tiny is rather large, almost as large as some cottages. But, it’s on wheels, so that provides options and opportunities for lifestyles and meeting regulations. With that much room they fit in two bedrooms, or at least one regular-sized loft plus a smaller one that could be used for storage instead. Instead of just a simple loft, they’ve managed to fit in a short set of cabinets. Nice to see a place to store your clothes rather than just laying them around the mattress as in some tinies. Of course, it may be easier because they used such a shallow roofline that there’s more volume to play with.

It’s downstairs, though, that this tiny stands out. The bathroom has the typical composting toilet, functional and yet a concession to space and complexity; but it also has a full-height shower, a welcome luxury. In the kitchen, the appliances are stainless steel, much closer to full size, and include a very uncommon dishwasher. The sink is also bigger than the typical bar sink. Some cooks will have more than they need. There’s even a range hood, very handy in small spaces. Of course, if the cooking gets smoky, just find a place for a grill outside.

Evidently, this is the product of yet another husband/wife team who built it and now have to sell it because plans changed. That’s the way life rolls.

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