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The five least expensive homes in Seattle's Rainier Beach neighborhood

One of Seattle’s last remaining places where affordable means affordable

We browsed the listings in Rainier Beach to find the five most affordable homes currently on the market. Unlike previous neighborhoods like Magnolia or Madison Park, you’re actually able to find a decent amount of affordable places to live. All five of the below listings come in under $500K. Let’s see what we’ve got.

They aren’t saying much about this 1937 bungalow, though they do emphasize, “buyers to verify“, which is always a good idea, anyway. By the data, it is a three bedroom, one bathroom, two story with 1,160 square feet on a 7,848 square foot lot that lists at $299,900. New roofing, gutters, and existing fruit trees have some value, too. At least that’s one set of chores, and one source of food that should help with living expenses a bit.

Only a block or two away and for about 2 percent more, there’s a 1961 rambler (the house, not the car) with three bedrooms and one bathroom, but in 990 square feet on a 5,202 square foot lot. At $305,450, you get a carport, a fenced yard, a freshly-painted interior, and new windows. The yard’s a blank canvas, or a low-maintenance lawn, depending on your point of view.

Want to read a bit more about this next one? We wrote a longer article about it earlier in October. Evidently, the two bedroom, one bathroom, 700 square foot tiny house is still on the market at $319,950. About six months ago, it sold for $207,000. Timing is important; but of course, the higher price suggests the value of the substantial interior and exterior renovations. Welcome to this 1959 Midcentury’s new era.

They just reduced the price of this 1946 one story by $10,000 down to $375,000. Is that enough enticement to consider a four bedroom, two bathroom, 1,740 square foot house ? It has a 6,000 square foot lot that includes a detached garage and storage shed. Empty makes it easier to appreciate the hardwood floors. A cool basement is a bonus best appreciated next summer.

The appliances in this 1966 split-entry are so new that they hadn’t removed the shipping tape when they took the photos. That suggests the granite countertops are relatively new, too. The house is a classic design for fifty years ago, the main rooms upstairs and the family room and laundry downstairs. Keep it quiet on the top floor. Put the noise down below. There are three bedrooms and one and a half bathrooms in 1,590 square feet. They’re asking $410,000 for the house and the 5,492 square foot lot. If you need more space, or want the noise to go outdoors, take advantage of the big deck and the extensive concrete pad.