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$10.5M Gig Harbor estate has plenty of room for cars & helicopters

This sprawling luxury estate includes a car showroom and three helipads

What’s going on in your life when the place you live requires three helipads? That’s the kind of question we think about when we see listings like the massive Gig Harbor estate that just listed for $10.5 million.

The listing calls it a "French Chateau inspired carriage house," which, from our point of view, seems a little backwards. We see a whole lot of French Chateau going on and a little bit of a carriage house. There’s only two bedrooms in this 8,936 square-foot residence, so that leaves a lot of space for huge rooms. All of those rooms seem to have exude their own style, from the classic master bath with stained-glass windows to the stone-walled dining room.

The biggest room of them all has to be the one for the cars. The three-bay showroom has room to hold more than the five cars currently pictured there. There’s even room leftover for a full bar with mini-kitchen, workbench/gear area, and a separate car wash bay.

Maybe you’d rather take the yacht instead of one of the cars. That’s cool, you’ll find it at the end of a deep water moorage dock jutting out from 450-feet of private waterfront.

Or maybe you’ll just fly on out of here. Just tell the helicopter which helipad you want them to land on, because there are three to choose from. Never know when you’re going to have multiple helicopters coming and going from your house.

In case you’re wondering, because surely you’re wondering, the seller is Cesar Scolari, CEO of Elliot Rust Holdings. We double-checked because we wanted to make sure this place didn’t belong to a Bond villain. Maybe it was the guard dog enclosure...

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