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Tiny West Seattle bungalow from 1909 asks $388K

If the beach is what’s important, then the house doesn’t have to be big

The tinier the house, the less time spent on chores, and more time to spend outdoors - a handy combination when Alki Beach is a short walk away. A bonus is the tinier price (relatively), $388,000.

An elevated bungalow sits one street back from the beach since 1909. The 480 square foot house sits on a basement, which means plenty of storage and better views, or at least more light. It is a one bedroom, three-quarter bathroom house that somehow manages to find room for a long skinny office. Was that a sunroom sometime in its history? Check the facing.

As we head into winter, it’s worth noting that there are a few heating options: baseboard, a wall heating unit, and something that looks like a tall furnace in the living room. Maybe that tower isn’t a furnace, but is a piece of history. Built in 1909 suggests some sort of wood or coal heat; but that may be gone. As for flooring, it’s vinyl or wall-to-wall carpet. Who knows what’s underneath, hardwood, softwood, or something more basic? Ask your agent, who’ll ask theirs. Durable materials have their value. Whether they fit your style is up to you.

The house sits on a 4,800 square foot lot that includes a carport that’s capped by a 330 square foot deck that almost adjoins the neighbors. Borrowing a cup of sugar may mean not having to leave the property. The deck provides more living space, as usual. Out back they’ve found space for a garden. Another bonus, the garden and the landscaping mean no room left over for a lawn which means less mowing. See, more time for playing on the beach. That may be the most valuable feature of this tiny house.