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Big Reveal: $1.286M for this 1928 Montlake Tudor

This classic Seattle home has the look of a seven-figure residence

Yesterday we asked you to guess the asking price for this 3-bedroom, 2.5-bath picturebook Tudor in Montlake originally built in 1928. Commenter MichaelMack said, "That is a nice neighborhood, 1.595m?" The first part is true, the second part is...close. Actual asking price: $1,286,000.

If you're looking for a Seattle home for you and your many books, this wouldn't be a shabby option. This Tudor provides built-in shelves for your many leather-bound volumes in the study as well as main living area. They've certainly upgraded and maintained since 1928 but there are a lot of original features that still mark the era, including the coved ceilings, leaded glass windows, and wallpapers. Downstairs, the furnished basement is a cool hangout. Out back, there's a water feature, gazebo, and lots of greenery. You're close to the arboretum for weekends and the highways for the weekdays. What's with the kid's castle in the creepy attic, though?

So now that you know the asking price, does that sound good to you?