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$1.75M Madrona Tudor has the best doors in town

Wood doors, steel doors, doors with windows...they got it all

If you’re gonna talk about a Tudor from 1931 in Seattle, there’s certain things you want to see come with it. Sure there’s always going to be upgrades and renovations to keep the place livable and maintain the luxury sensibilities. But you’re not buying this house for it’s modernity. You’re buying it because it evokes a classic sense of stately living.

They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover but sometimes we think you can judge a house by it’s doors. Okay, this is actually the first time we’re saying it, but after seeing some of the doors in this Madrona home that just hit the market asking $1.75M we feel confident we can turn that into a saying.

To enter the four-bedroom, 4230 square-foot Tudor, you have to pass through a gorgeous, wooden double-door entry that might not appease the security-conscious but sure looks cool. That leads you through a vintage downstairs living area where you’ll find another set of double-doors with leaded glass and artwork. The kitchen actually has two sections, a commercial grade chef's kitchen and a casual dining kitchen, and the two are divided by a curved-top wood door that keeps with the feel of the house.

Behind the staircase you’ll also find a beautiful steel door with lion-head knockers that leads to a bonus room. There’s something a little mysterious about it being tucked away where it is.

The residence also includes a basement with speakeasy-style bar, wine cellar, and a huge flagstone patio out back. There’s more going on here than just cool doors. But, yeah, we still like the doors the best.