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Here’s 5 Seattle-based costume ideas for Halloween

Forget superheros and zombies, spend Halloween as something much more Seattle-y

Halloween is coming up quickly. We’re going to assume you’ve already gotten your pumpkin (but if not, here’s where to go). Now if you haven’t already, you really need to lock down that costume idea.

There’s already going to be so many Harley Quinns, zombies, Donald Trumps, and superheroes, so let’s consider something a little different. You live in Seattle, right? So let’s do something Seattle-y.

Here’s five ideas you might want to give a whirl. Just make sure you’re only wearing them in the Greater Seattle Area. Otherwise they probably won’t make too much sense.

The Space Needle

What’s more Seattle than that? Sure, you could just create the saucer part and probably get away with it. But the key to a good Needle costume is creating the body of the structure. Brenda Ponney at Alpha Mom made such a costume for her daughter and she can walk you through how it goes step-by-step.

Bertha The Tunnel Boring Machine

Granted, this one doesn’t have the same pop it had last year when Bertha was a disaster. Still, actually dressing up like a billion-dollar boondoggle is going to get some attention either way. We saw someone wearing a Bertha getup back in 2014. Looks like the key is to get a white bed sheet, some green & yellow paint, and some stenciling so you can just write Bertha on it and remove all doubt.

The Gum Wall

This is one of those costumes that just seems like way too much fun to create. Much like the actual Seattle attraction, it’s pretty simple. Create a “brick wall” and then start chewing a whole crapton of gum. Make sure you mix up the colors and flavors and vary up your placements. Sometimes people just stick the wad on there. Sometimes they string it across. People are gross, remember that.

Seattle Public Transportation And/Or Traffic

ST3 is one of the biggest issues facing the region in the upcoming election. With that has some a lot of maps, diagrams, drawings, and forecasts. Want to keep it simple but make a statement? Go as a The ST3 Light Rail Map. Just make sure you get the date of the Ballard station right or you’re gonna hear about it. Or if you really want to needle people, go as Seattle Traffic.

EMP Museum

The EMP Museum has been described as "something that crawled out of the sea, rolled over, and died.” It’s been referred to as “"The Hemorrhoids” and “a blob.” Maybe it’s time to take back the EMP for ourselves and the best way to do that is to pay homage to our home for music and science fiction memorabilia by wearing it. As for how one does that, well, you’ll just have to be as abstract as the structure itself. We imagine it might involve cellophane and some wire dresses or boxes to wrap it around. We haven’t seen any examples of such a costume yet so if you do it make sure you send a pic.

Honorable Mention

Because we know how snarky you are, we’ll also be on the lookout for Seattleites dressed up as a Construction Crane, Amazon’s Biospheres, An Unaffordable Condo Tower, a NIMBY, and an Monster Devouring The City.

Space Needle

400 Broad Street, , WA 98109