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$1.3M Whidbey Island home features pneumatic elevator

Who knew you could have a pneumatic elevator at home?

The big square block of two story windows looking out on the water makes a big impression, but what you and your guests will probably talk about is the round, glass, pneumatic elevator, the first in Washington State. Riding that may be worth driving to Fox Spit on Whidbey Island to take a tour. Whoosh!

They call it a contemporary house, though it looks modern. That may be a slight distinction because, whatever the style, it doesn’t look like it was built twenty six years ago. Part of that updated appeal of the $1,295,000 property is from the $250K remodel a year or two ago that installed a massive skylight over the top floor office (a room which is accessible by elevator.) Throughout the custom house designed by Mike Boyd are modern touches like steel railings, minimalist cabinetry, and a glassed-in shower that has an uninterrupted view of the water.

Those views explain the windows, the location on 2.42 acres, the natural setting amongst the trees, and the value of the privacy that waterfront brings. At least that’s one property line with no neighbors along it.

Houses are for living in, and the 2,879 square foot space provides plenty of room for two bedrooms and three bathrooms. The focus, however, is the rest of the house with enough shelving for a library and a second workspace; but surprisingly, no media room.

Go outside if you want a good show. Take a seat on the broad deck. Watch the whales from your bluff, or take a hike to the beach for a closer view.

Look at the art. It may not stay with the house (check), but there are pieces from several cultures and continents. Either the owners traveled well, or had eclectic tastes, or both - or the stager has some awesome inventory to work with.