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$3.75M San Juan estate teeming with Tlingit art

Come for the art. Stay for the view

Tlingit art is built into this $3,750,000 island estate. Throughout the 5,446 square foot Contemporary are art panels that slide to cover or reveal monitors, fireplaces, and wood storage. They’re at home, here. The masks and wall hangings continue nods to the culture, but they’re more mobile than the several foot tall frog panel in the master bedroom. The totem pole may weigh more than the rest, but it isn’t part of the structure. If it all stays and you like original local art, then a lot of your move-in decisions are made.

It’s the view, however, that is probably what will sell the house with a panoramic view from Vancouver (the island for sure, but maybe the city, too) to the Olympics, which of course also means many of the local islands and Victoria. Southwest views also mean lots of sunshine and sunsets. Having a gated ten acres on a rocky slope provides privacy while watching cruise ships, whales, sailboats, and the Navy sail by.

Inside are three bedrooms. Of the three and a half bathrooms, at least one has a view of the water - and the patio, which is a view that can go both ways so make sure the blinds are closed if you want privacy. Office space is provided, too. It may be uncommon to include it as part of the living room; but, that also a more honest acknowledgment of today’s culture.

Outside is a broad terrain that is naturally open because of San Juan’s climate and soil. Gardening is an option, thanks to a fenced compound that’s meant to confound the deer. They’ll be happier if you forget to close the gate occasionally. Aside from them, you won’t have many nearby neighbors - except perhaps the very animals carved into the panels, masks, and totems.