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The 5 least expensive places in Seattle's Roosevelt neighborhood

Bungalows and townhouses throughout

We browsed the listings to find the five most affordable homes in the Seattle neighborhood of Roosevelt . Of course, when we checked there were only seven to pick from. How’s that inventory doing?

It’s listed as a one story bungalow with two bedrooms and one bathroom in 1,350 square feet; but a partly finished basement and an attic that was turned into a ladder loft adds area not included in the numbers. The key number, of course, is the listing price, $475,000, which is at least under a half a million if that’s any consolation. New copper plumbing can be appreciated in a 1932 home. They’ve kept the simple style simple. Go outside for the rest of the 3,325 square foot property that already has a garden and fenced yard.

Second kitchens suggest roommates, multiple generations, renters, or cook conflicts resolved by giving each their own. The 1928 house is a two bedroom, two bathroom, 1,900 square foot one story listed at $539,000. Upstairs is the main living space that, just as above, maintains the character of the era - possibly because it worked well enough. Now, the arched passages are uncommon, but in that era they were the norm. Everything is white, which makes for some bright photos. You may want to bring in some color, or wear shades inside. The total lot size is 2,613 square feet, which leaves some room for growing things, but a useful parking strip uses up some of the space.

There are houses built within the last ten years. This one is tall, skinny, and fits a 1,280 square foot townhouse on a 1,602 square foot lot. Making it a three story helps. There’s enough room for a covered patio that transitions to a flagstone yard and a bit of nature. Inside and upstairs are two bedrooms and three bathrooms, which are arranged to create the two suites, plus. A modern house means modern appliances and systems, so there are fewer mysteries in the walls. The other modern part is the price, $550,000.

The listing says it’s in Ravenna. Zillow thinks it’s in Roosevelt. The difference may be moot for some (but not all.) In any case, or neighborhood, the house is a three bedroom, two bathroom bungalow that includes a legal ADU in the basement. The house was built in 1924, when people had other, and probably more appealing, names for ADUs. All of those possibilities exist within the 1,700 square foot house on the 5,052 square foot lot. It is priced at $599,950, a fairly typical price for a slice of Seattle that’s seen many changes go by.

If only the trees could tell the tales of what’s passed through that door. Two substantial cedars frame the entry to a 1908 house where someone managed to fit five bedrooms and three bathrooms into 1,960 square feet. The listing suggests rental opportunities because of a second kitchen in the basement. Fill all five bedrooms and you may need it just to feed everyone. The $649,950 property covers 5,662 square feet of very mature landscaping, and probably lots of needles on the roof. Got a big family? Want to run a boarding house? Take a tour and see if it works for you.