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What's the story behind this $550K Kenmore cabin?

Cheer whoever worked to resurrect this cabin and then finish the job

Ah, an authentic log cabin in the woods that’s been updated with a jetted tub and that comes with acreage, a greenhouse, and a yurt - all priced at $550,000. It must be someone’s dream. It looks like it will be someone else’s because they’re selling it.

Kenmore is the home of a log cabin that’s complete with dark rustic logs highlighted by white chinking. It was built in 1929 as a great open room with a classic old wood-fired kitchen stove and an impressive rock-faced fireplace. Want some more heat? A more modern stove adds yet another way to burn wood from the lot (or is that propane?). Things were done a bit differently back then, like softwood instead of hardwood for the flooring.

As it stands, it is a one bedroom, two bathroom, 1,490 square foot space described as ‘value is in the land’. Someone’s dream is partly realized. Modern joinery has been added, possibly for necessary structural support. Nice work, but it may be a demonstration of a need rather than a style. A dishwasher and range hood are more current. Forced air heat has been installed, thanks to a furnace in the basement; so maybe those stoves and fireplaces aren’t enough. Track lighting does what it can to brighten the place.

The two bathrooms hint at the story. One is modern with a tiled shower with glass walls. The other ‘bathroom’ is a claw foot tub beside the bed. Looks like taking a familiar ad a bit far. The toilet is beside the tub, which makes sense, but it is in the same room as the bed. Maybe a wall or a curtain would be appropriate. But then, for a place with only one person, that may not be an issue. Dreamers sometimes must work on their dreams alone. The dining table with only one chair suggests this wasn’t a group effort. Maybe it was too much for one person. Not a surprise.

The value may be in the land, but the right person may find the value in completing someone else’s dream.

There’s a bonus. A buyer gets to choose between living in the cabin, or moving to the yurt on the property. The trick is that it looks a little unfinished, too.