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Consider this Cle Elum yurt a condo alternative (sorta)

Mongols may have invented the yurt, but not with windows like these

Just past Snoqualmie Pass is a $74,900 opportunity to live like a nomad that settled into the forest. They’re selling the property as 1.2 acres of land; but the yurt is bigger than some houses.

Measure it by counting the couches or the area rugs and see that there’s plenty of room under that conical vault of a ceiling. Windows line an arc of the round wall and a skylight fills the hole that would’ve been left open for the smoke from a campfire. Now, a wood stove provides a much more efficient heat source - and may be the only cooking source. Maybe you can grill wild game or a monster zucchini by adding a barbecue to the front deck.

Get used to lattice work because that’s what holds the yurt up. But the crosshatching meets the radial lines from the ceiling to create an ancient but now uncommon ambiance. Pity your apartment dwelling city friends as they sit in white boxes that look out on other white boxes. You get to look at trees, hear the rain hit the roof, and probably get to dig out a few feet of snow every year. It’s a good thing the deck is elevated.

Keep their style of decor to pay homage to the plains horsemen that rode across Asia. Sumptuous rugs, animal hides, and floor cushions add comforts that are easy to pack and travel with.

As the listing says, you can consider this partly prepared land, remove the yurt, and build a conventional house on the property because utilities are in the street. There is a value to being part of a community with a lodge and pool, as this lot is. Until then, be prepared for old style lighting - unless they hid the electrical outlets. Another modern convenience you may want to opt for is a flush toilet. For some, the existing composting toilet is preferred; but that doesn’t do much for showering and such.

Of course, a proper Mongol would scoff at it all. A yurt that’s anchored to the ground without a place for livestock and horses? Bah! Be an exception to pesky modern rules.

171 Sawmill Rd, Cle Elum [Estately]