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From gardening to canning, Camano Contemporary covers it all

Sometimes a ‘chef’s kitchen’ is just not enough

Sure, this 4,236 square foot NW Contemporary has a spacious kitchen with a large cooktop, big fridge, and plenty of counter space; but is also has a butler’s pantry. The extra touch that proves their love of food is a permanent canning station, a long work area dedicated to preserving harvests. That’s uncommon, and brilliant; especially considering the gardens. A great home for foodies and gardeners. You can grow a lot when you have over five acres of good land and fencing around the veggie beds.

See if they’ll let some of the art stay. As much attention as they paid to farm-to-table living, the house also has a craft room that probably produced some of the impressive quilts that decorate the house. Check out the artistry covering the beds, hanging on the walls, and draped - wherever - maybe because it would be a shame to hide such good work in a closet. If you want to work on something more substantial, there’s a detached a shop/garage that includes yet another living space.

Want to get more cerebral? An office and library will hold more than enough books for most.

All of that wraps around three bedrooms and two and three-quarter baths with their own sets of luxuries like jetted tubs. It was built in 2006, so appliances and systems are new-ish.

They’re asking $1,198,000 for the package that is more than getting work done. It’s also a package that combines luxury with frugality. Comfortable sitting areas are arranged around fireplaces inside and a fire pit outside. Invite some friends. How else will you manage to eat all that food or display your creativity?