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1911 Nantucket cottage in Capitol Hill lists for $849K

What’s a Nantucket cottage doing in Capitol Hill?

How did a Nantucket cottage end up surviving this long in Capitol Hill? Whatever the case, it’s been surviving since 1911. Now, some new buyer gets to keep it going after they negotiate with the seller over the $849,880 price.

For decades, owners have respected the original design. It looks original, which can happen through impressive and persistent maintenance, or from a few major renovations, or both. Details like the mullioned windows, including those across the entry lintel, have probably been there throughout - though there are a few windows that are updated. Not a surprise over a century. The general layout probably hasn’t changed much, either. A zig-zag staircase may not sweep into the living room, but it has more character than a straight shot that takes up a lot of area.

At least the three-quarter bath looks able to accommodate easier access with handbars and plenty of room, a spacious luxury for anyone who feels cramped in a shower stall. The full bath fits the historic feel with modern fixtures like a claw foot tub.

Depending on the room they’ve either gone for classically simple paint choices or ornate wall paper. One of the three bedrooms is probably being used as an office, and because its ceiling isn’t chamfered, it’s probably on the first floor and convenient to that expansive shower.

All of that fits in 1,330 square feet on a 5,000 square foot lot that has mature landscaping of shrubs, small trees, and a compact lawn. There’s even enough room for a one car garage that "has more history than future", which suggests an interesting set of stories, or a need/opportunity for one of those major renovations we mentioned above. No surprise. It’s a house; there’s always something to do.