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Downtown Seattle 1-BR median rent hits $2,350

See how rent shakes out across the Seattle neighborhoods

Last month, Seattle jumped back into the top ten of Zumper’s National Rent Report. One-bedroom median prices rose 4 percent to an even $1,800 while two-bedroom median prices also saw an even larger increase, up 4.8 percent to $2,410.

Now Zumper is drilling down into Seattle’s neighborhoods to see what the breakdown looks like throughout the city.

Leading the way as usual is the Central Business District (Downtown), which clocks in with a $2,350 median rent for one-bedrooms. That’s followed closely by Pike Place ($2,180), Belltown ($2,000), and West Seattle’s Fauntleroy ($1,900). Also coming in hot were South Lake Union, Capitol Hill, and South Seattle’s Brighton, all at $1,850/month.

The neighborhoods that line up most with the overall median 1-BR rent would be Stevens/East Capitol Hill ($1,780), Pioneer Square ($1,800) and First Hill ($1,815).

Those looking for more affordable rents might want to look in the direction of Wedgwood ($1,300), Phinney Ridge ($1,200), or Georgetown ($1,050) amongst others.

This is the part where we mention that Zumper's data is drawn solely from the asking rents for the listings on its site, not all available rentals in Seattle and surrounding cities. Therefore, it isn't a measure of what all Puget Sounders are paying, but it does offer one look at prices that prospective renters in the market are seeing.

You can dig around Zumper’s interactive map to see what all the neighborhoods come in at here.

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