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The week in strange, weird, & terrible Seattle real estate listing photos

John Wayne, an ugly fish, and the stool of doom make an appearance

As the weekend approaches, let's take a look around the Seattle real estate listings to find some examples of the strange, the weird and just the plain terrible. (Come across one we missed? Let us know...)

“Why don’t you have a seat right here...”


Does that come with the house? If so we’re not sure it’s a positive or a negative.

Hi Susan.

This feels like the beginning of an episode of Black Mirror. Something terrifying is behind that curtain, we just know it.

“Well say there pilgrim, maybe we oughta rustle up some housecleaners. Whattya say, partner?”

“Did you guys want to let the kids know you’re watching Finding Nemo?”


Why is there a Cialis ad in this real estate listing?

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