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Catching up with five of our favorite Seattle homes from September

We scrolled back through a month of listings to find five of our favorite homes for sale in September

Picking only five is never easy. Our area certainly has a wide variety to choose from so let's take a look back at the home that stood out the most to us.

Let's start with the biggest, at least in acreage. Phil Condit, the ex-CEO of Boeing, once owned this five bedroom, 9,960 square foot modern lodge built on 60 acres of forest beside the Snoqualmie River. Everything is jumbo: the price, $9,900,000; the garage that includes car lifts and can park cars in racks; the rooms that are windows, sides and top; spiral staircases, plural; a wine cellar big enough to house a press (probably ornamental); meticulous gardens; and big rooms, lots of big rooms.

Status: Active

Shiplap walls aren't associated with luxury homes, but they're appropriate for a 1925 floating house. The two bedroom, one bathroom, 1,100 square foot home is warm and comfortable, with a casual feel. Some of the bedding is much more reminiscent of shipboard living, but on a house on Lake Union instead of a boat at sea. It's priced at $925,000 (plus $398 per month dues), so it isn't exactly cheap but it is simple luxury in an excellent location with a fine style.

Status: Active

Got $8,800,000 so you can live one floor down from the fiction residence of the fictional Christian Grey? That's a lot for a conversation topic; but, the eventual buyer is probably more interested in living in a luxury tower in downtown Seattle. The three bedrooms and three bathrooms leave a lot of room in the 5,170 square foot space for a full bar, enough of the floor to pull in 280 degree views, and a setting for large and impressive parties, or re-enacting some scenes that we won't mention. Make sure there's room in the budget for monthly fees of $3,916.

Status: Pending

What's more Seattle-ish than a house built so green that it goes past net-zero to actually generating more power than it uses? The Emerald Star is a 2,218 square foot house that sold last August for $850K. Thanks to low-flow fixtures, rainwater harvesting, a heat pump, insulation, and solar panels it does such a good job of going green that it received a 2016 Housing Innovation Award from the U.S. Department of Energy. It may not be for sale, but it is worth celebrating.

Status: Grinning, efficiently

From the outside, this $750,000 cabin looks like it has a long history as well as being well-maintained, a tricky balance for weathered architecture. With 2.27 acres of property naturally landscaped, the house has settled in. Within the felled timbers is a three bedroom, two bathroom, 2,300 square foot, two story timber home that is a bit more refined without being fancy. With wood everywhere, the central staircase can seem like some lumberman's cathedral. The rustic feel can be relaxing when you realize there's a lot less to polish.

Status: Pending

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