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The five least expensive places for sale in Montlake

Hey, at least they're all under a million

Montlake manages to be historic and modern. Whether it's affordable is a personal assessment. While you probably think of million-dollar homes when you think of this neighborhood but we were able to find a few in six figures. Check them out below.

They're right. It does look like a storybook setting. A 1937 cottage is nestled into mature landscaping that makes it seem like small other world. It helps that isn't like the typical Seattle house. This one is built with bricks; bricks for the facade, bricks for the retaining walls, bricks for the barbecue. Arched doorways are halfway to hobbit-ish. Another retaining wall, this one from rocks, keeps it rustic. Despite the fantasy, the reality is that it is a three bedroom, two bathroom, 1,780 square foot house with modern amenities and some modern upgrades - like a price of $729,000.

A six bedroom, three bathroom, 2,670 square foot house is a bungalow? Everything is relative. Regardless of the label, the house is stylish, starting with the semi-circular roof over the porch, the classic fireplace flanked by built-in bookshelves and windows, and including the fixtures. It was built in 1922, last on the market about seventy years ago, and a rental for twenty five of those years. Evidently it could use some work, though hanging onto the wall oven may preserve a bit of appliance history. The house and the 4,356 square foot lot are ready for its next era, assuming the $750,000 price attracts the right buyers.

This Dutch Colonial was built (1904) before the Montlake Cut was cut (1909). It too, was off the market for decades (40 years), but there's less of a need to mention contractors and renters. The exterior remains historic while the interior has been updated without losing the original character (though there naturally is a bit of a smoke smudge on the mantel). Now, the three bedroom, two bathroom, 2,480 square foot house is listed at $799,000. The price may be a little higher, but there may be far less to do, too. That gives you more time to play with the 4,268 square foot lot.

A Craftsman for $869,000? That's what they're asking for a self-declared well maintained house built in 1910. The 1991 remodel refined much of the interior. While you may buy it for the three bedrooms and two bathrooms, guests may comment more on the extensive library shelving and the kitchen with see-through cabinetry. With the interior 1,390 square feet spread over two floors, there's enough room left on the 4,500 square foot lot for lots of flowers, seasonal of course.

What? A house built within the last few decades? Yes. It does happen in Montlake. This 3 bedroom and 3 bathroom contemporary house was built in 1990, which means the 2,320 square feet inside looks much more modern than many of the neighbors. From the outside, the stucco siding, brick patio, and structured garden are distinctive. From the inside, multiple small windows are contrasted with bay windows, together playing games with the light. From the buyer's point of view, check out the price, $925,000 for the house plus the 3,484 square foot lot. How's it look to you?

· 2301 Delmar Dr E [Zillow]

· 2809 Montlake Blvd E [Zillow]

· 1872 24th Ave E [Zillow]

· 2347 11th Ave E [Zillow]

· 2216 19th Ave E [Zillow]