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$1.9M Contemporary carved out of Orcas Island hillside

A Roy Lundgren custom estate has returned to the market at $1,895,000

Uninterrupted views of Mt. Baker, privacy, luxury, quiet, and no lawn to mow. Okay, that last one isn’t important, but when you buy over 23 acres of hillside on the northeast corner of Orcas Island you get a lot of forest wrapping around the house and a lot of air in front of your windows. A Roy Lundgren custom estate has returned to the market at $1,895,000.

In 2002, they managed to build an estate with a main house and a guest house in the Twin Lakes Nature Preserve. Combined, they total three bedrooms, six bathrooms, and 4,134 square feet of living space. It is a grand display of NW Contemporary filled with wood walls, rafters, and ceilings - all treated to keep the tone light and airy, matching the outdoors. As the house angles along the territory, it provides rooms with panoramas of the north end of Rosario Strait. The layout breaks free of standard boxes by including vaulted ceilings and rooms like rotundas.

There’s artistry throughout. The entry is an array of an art glass representation of madronas. The fireplace is a massive worked stone anchor to its room. Light fixtures look to be inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright. A bronze branch becomes a handrail.

In addition to the regular rooms, there’s a library with a loft that’s reached by ladder. A theater, billiards room, and butler’s pantry fit in for more luxury.

Go outside for a firepit that is a grand way to burn some wood. It isn’t a pit. It’s a circular stone hearth under a conical chimney that rises through a tall radial ceiling. That’s all wrapped by well-crafted wooden benches which sit over a flagstone floor. All of which is arranged to be able to enjoy the view (at least in daylight.)

There may not be a lawn to mow, but in case you wanted to grow something, they found one spot of ground flat enough for a cathedral of a greenhouse.

What else is there? Undoubtedly more. All the more reason for a tour.