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Get into this flipped Seward Park home for under $400K

Back on the market after only four months and full of new features

The last time this tiny house sold was all the way back in June 2016, back when you could get a house like this for $218K - at least according to Zillow. Now the After version is available at $398,000 only four months later.

When you include the floors, it looks like every room has been refreshed. If it can shine, it shines. If not, but it can be painted. It looks like they nicely covered any sign of aging, patina, or scuff marks.

The list of things that are new is long: roof, paint, landscaping, garage, electrical, plumbing; and a new kitchen and a new bathroom. The living room and the two bedrooms could be new, too, if there was anything to update besides walls and closets.

A few old items that a reminder of its history are the fireplace, a feature that rarely gets updated; a curved ceiling accent, that nicely sets a border between the living room and the kitchen; and probably the very bones of the house, which may be built from tighter grained wood and therefore potentially more resilient than more modern construction.

Because the house is only 720 square feet on a 3,960 square foot lot, there’s relatively a lot of lot outside. The yard is fenced, and while a garage takes up some of the space, most of the rest is devoted to fresh lawn and a mature tree.

With such a tiny house filled with so many new features and a simple yard, there may be little else for you to do that relax, live in the space - and maybe dance on the floors just to scuff them up enough to knock down that glare.