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Charming Orcas Island Cape Cod lists at $1.6M

Some places are just meant for relaxing and playing, by, in, and on the water.

A 2,341 square foot Cape Cod with 100 feet of waterfront is on the market for the first time since 1930. The house was built in 1944, and comes with the furnishings, which suggests that someone bought the land at the start of the Great Depression, then wasn’t able to begin building until near the end of World War II, then kept it in the family for over seventy years. Those are some people with patience and perseverance. They also had a good idea because now the property is listed at $1,600,000.

Location and the lot can explain much of the value. It sits on the west side of Orcas Island looking across at Waldron Island, one peaceful place looking out on another peaceful place. The land is about three acres of mixed forest and open spaces that slope to a sandy beach. High enough and far enough back to not have to worry as much about waves, but still convenient enough for that sunset picnic.

Exposed beams, an enormous hearth, and oak floors can be a good setting for sitting out storms. A buoy and tidelands can be good settings for playing by, in, and on the water.

There are two floors that hold four bedrooms and two and a quarter bathrooms. Take a look at the painted banister for an appreciation of the art they appreciated. Take a look under those same stairs for their appreciation of practicality because that where they inset a cabinet for file folders.

If you have some other work to do, a garage and shop are available; but with views like those, maybe you’ll be spending more time watching the eagles and orcas.