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$250K Fox Island cabin must've been a woodworker's delight

Pick an angle, any angle

Look at all the angles. Throughout this 624 square foot cabin there is wood. The floors, the walls, the ceilings, the pillars are wood; and wood that isn't locked into a bunch of right angles. Sometimes a board is parallel to the edge of a room, other times panels skew off to break up the pattern. There may be wood everywhere, but they played with it. Flush mount for one wall, overlapped planks on the opposite side of the room. Louvers on doors, scallops for wall decor, and radial patterns converging on a skylight show they had more tools than a carpenter's square could handle.

The wood, plus some windows and appliances, add up to a one bedroom, one and a quarter bathroom, tiny cabin on Fox Island. It was built in 1982 on an acre of land that has a view of the South Sound. From the layered deck, you can sit back and look across the long lawn and your neighbors to the water. By sitting far enough back from the shore, the price stays lower, $250,000.

Another twist on a wood wall is in what is probably a work room, one of the few places with sheetrock. One wall is covered with the sides of (wine?) boxes.

It's no surprise that the exterior siding is shakes and shingles. It's also no surprise that one of the heat sources is wood. You may want to check to see if that's the backup or the primary source. Considering the size of the hand-draw saw in the carport, some sweating may be required.

· 1283 Mowitsh Dr, Fox Island [Estately]