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Get stuck on Seattle houseboat 'Seaweed' for $349K

"Seaweed" checks in at one bedroom, one bath, and 452 square-feet

We see a lot of houseboats and floating home on the market. Many of them are modern or luxurious or renovated gems. and then there's "Seaweed." The simply-named vessel offers a simple houseboat living experience. You want your frills and interior decorating? Head down lake a bit. Here on the northern tip of Westlake you'll find old school Seattle houseboatin'.

Asking $349K, Seaweed checks in at one bedroom, one bath, and 452 square-feet. Inside, you get a classic galley kitchen and upgraded booth table setup. Like we said, no frills here. But that's why you're interested. There's a cute-as-hell nook for relaxing and reading just off the kitchen. We suppose it could also be a makeshift guest bed for your short friends and family.

Upstairs, the bedroom has enough room for what you need. There's also a door to the upper deck right there, perfect for when you wake up and want a hit of fresh air to start your day.

Our only struggle is with the location. Not the best houseboat views in the city. But the good news is that when you own a houseboat, you can actually move it when a better spot opens up. Maybe that's why it's called Seaweed, because it easily floats to and fro wherever the whims of the current takes it (If that's true, seriously, keep it tied up at night).

· 2706 Westlake Ave N Unit 98 [Estately]