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Morris Graves' former Woodway home 'Careläden' asks $3.8M

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Today, the residence remains a unique and stunning escape on 2.5 acres nestled in the woods of Snohomish County

Say the name Morris Graves in certain circles and you'll be met with the kind of reaction often reserved for the most iconic artists of our time. Known mostly as a painter, Graves was considered one of the Pacific Northwest's early modern artists thanks to a style referred to as "Mysticism" heavily-influenced by the Northwest's muted natural tones amongst other things.

Over his life, Graves designed many of the homes he lived in from Fidalgo Island to California. One in particular still stands today in Woodway and it's available now for $3.8M.

One of the first Northwest homes to be made out of cinder block, Graves designed the three-bedroom, 5,181 square-foot home with the help of notable architects Robert Jorgenson, AIA and Robert Shields ("One of the grand old men in Northwest architecture"). Graves wanted the home, which he dubbed Careläden, to be hidden from the world so he built a high wall around it just to make sure.

Unfortunately, he didn't stay long. As the land around the estate was developed and the world encroached on his privacy, he decided to move to Ireland before eventually settling in California. Poet Theodore Roethke and his wife were said to have rented it for a time but the home was eventually sold.

Today, the residence remains a unique and stunning escape on 2.5 acres nestled in the woods of Snohomish County. The one-level property boasts 14-foot ceilings and wood-paneled rooms. There have been renovations over the years, which include a new kitchen, family room, sunroom, and an updated master suite,

The surrounding wall remains and created a serene courtyard effect from many of the rooms that look out on it. The ground are also loaded with well-landscaped features, including a courtyard with columned portico, pond, pool, and sport court.

Out front, the entry gatehouse has been converted into a guest suite and exercise space.

We'd say they don't make Pacific Northwest homes like this anymore but we're not sure they've ever made any other Pacific Northwest homes like this at all.
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