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Retreat to a San Juan cabin with studio for $695K

Why buy one retreat when you can have two for one price?

Take your pick. Either the vintage cabin or the detached studio would suffice for many people, even at $695,000 because they sit on 0.88 acres of waterfront on San Juan Island. The bonus is you get both, so you don't have to pick.

The cabin sits closer to the water. It's classic in its simplicity. A rough rock fireplace and chimney anchor a shingle sided and metal roofed one story. One wall is largely uninterrupted by windows, but the side that faces the water opens wide and onto a deck that puts the water nearby. Sit on your couch and watch the birds go by.

Back a bit further from the water is the detached studio, which is at least taller than the cabin. Maybe that's to make it easier to catch the views from back there. It's a squat A-frame on a square first floor. It looks much newer, and is equally appealing and livable. It may be a studio, but the bedroom gets a separate space by sitting on a short loft. Large sunlights will make it harder to miss the sunrise or sunset.

Combined, the spaces are two bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms, and 1,158 square feet - a good arrangement for guests or partners who each need a bit of space.

The location adds a lot of the value. Mitchell Bay sits on the west side of San Juan Island, and is pointed at Canada, just a relatively short sail away. With the right boat, you may be closer to shopping in Victoria, BC than mainland America. Play in the bay or use it as a home base for exploration. There may even be some value to being just a bit closer to the border, depending on your personal perspective.

· 201 de Haro Lane, San Juan Island [Estately]