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Some jerk keeps throwing tacks on Westlake Avenue bikeway

It’s all a bit tacky (sorry)

Some say no city does passive-aggressive quite like Seattle. Here’s a pretty good example of that.

Perhaps upset about the introduction of the Westlake Avenue bikeway, someone or someones keeps leaving tacks along the bike path in order to ruin cyclist tires.

The tacks were first noticed a few days after the new cycle path opened. Local bike repair shops started filling up with flat tires and it was unclear if this was sabotage or coincidence.

A couple weeks later and it looks like there are some fresh tacks on the path. It’s so evident that someone is actually taking the time to do this on a regular basis that SPD has opened a criminal investigation.

There was a lot of controversy surrounding the bikeway before it was created. Many Westlake residents, boaters, and business owners felt that they would lose out on parking and that the cycling track would disrupt local business. While cooler heads eventually prevailed, it’s not too hard to imagine someone holding a grudge. Also, again, this is Seattle, where passive-aggressive, grudge-holding is basically an art-form.