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Scandinavian-inspired Gig Harbor home stands out at $775K

From the outside the house looks like a re-purposed barn because of the steep roof and big doors

They call it a contemporary but it probably has no contemporaries. That happens with custom homes and this house is a combination of something like a barn with traditional northwest materials with a fairly modern interior that's been artistically decorated. Yeah, that's uncommon. Will it find an equally uncommon buyer at $775,000?

From the outside the house looks like a re-purposed barn because of the steep roof and big doors. But it was built in 2013, so it probably didn't have a former life. The windows are the first hint that it's a house. They're big enough to occupy most of one wall, and are augmented by a series of skylights. Still, from the outside it looks like a building that's trying to fit into a rural scene.

Inside, there's enough going on to keep an eye busy. The main floor is mostly a great room, but one with lofted ceilings thanks to a partial upper floor. The walls, particularly the one beside the very modern fireplace, are decorated with eclectic art and found pieces. The array of sea critters tie the inside to the view of the waterway outside. Those windows are big for a reason.

Their use of color is definitely contemporary, but the fixtures and flourishes are artistically out of the mainstream. A hexagonal metal back splash draws attention to the kitchen and its long set of cabinets. The opalescent floor in the gym/media room almost looks like a green pool underfoot. An egg-shaped bathtub probably appeals to fans of the movie Cocoon. Scattered through the 3,245 square feet of floors are three bedrooms and three bathrooms. The office set up is surrounded by windows and art. The windows stay. Check to see if the art is negotiable.

It all perches on 0.42 acres with a variety of porches and patios where folks can get a little closer to nature, a very old-fashioned concept.

· 7815 28th St Ct NW, Gig Harbor [Estately]