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Hedreen is just gonna keep building Seattle hotels until you say so

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The developer is eyeing a 450-room hotel right next door to their Hyatt Regency project

Earlier this week we found out that R.C. Hedreen’s massive hotel project at Ninth & Stewart will be a Hyatt Regency. Now that that’s settled, Hedreen is going to start work on another hotel right next door.

Why? Because why the hell not.

Per DJC, the developer is looking to build a 450-room hotel that will “be more luxurious than the 1,264-room hotel it is constructing at 808 Howell St.”

Of course, given how long things took for the Ninth & Stewart project to get this far, we’ve got some time before this project gets going. The company says they don’t anticipate construction for at least four years. They will also keep an eye on the market to see how that will affect the size and style of the hotel. Seattle is about to see an influx of 3,000 hotel rooms in the next three years, so the market will be a very different place by 2018.

This new hotel could end up making the difference on what was lost during the design review process for the bigger one next door. The Ninth & Stewart hotel was originally supposed to contain 1,680 guest rooms and include a second tower. This new project basically brings all of that back into the fold, just in a different structure. The new hotel is expected to share some laundry and storage space with the Hyatt.