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See the 48-story tower proposed for 8th & Pine

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Once known as AVA, this entire project has gotten bigger & taller

You may remember a mixed-use project that had been proposed back in 2007 called AVA. Located at 8th & Pine, the plan at the time called for over 200 condo, a luxury hotel, and luxury amenities including an outdoor heated pool. They even started advertising for potential buyers before the recession hit and the project languished in limbo.

That is until now as developer Fana Group has reinvented the property as something even bigger (doesn’t that just say it all about Seattle’s post-recession development). Now, the 48 story hotel/residential tower is set to include 395 units, 178 hotel rooms, almost 8,000 square-feet of retail space, and 375 parking space below ground.

Some of the building amenities will include a residential amenity space on the roof, overhead protection atop retail spaces, and dual lobbies for hotel guests and residents.

According to a packet proceeded to the city for a design review board meeting Tuesday evening, expansion plans for the nearby Washington State Convention Center are “a major driver of this new development, and the 8th & Pine tower aims to be a complementary and successful piece of this new urban fabric.”

Weber Thompson is the architect on the project. The site is currently a surface and below-grade parking lot with an existing four story building, all of which will be demolished. At 550-feet, the tower would become the ninth-tallest building in Seattle, not including other new projects.

Washington State Convention Center

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