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Seattle to remain sanctuary city for immigrants, per mayor

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The Trump presidency will not change local laws that restrict how police can inquire about immigration status.

If Wednesday’s protest march is any indication, there are a lot of people in Seattle concerned about the effect President Donald Trump will have on cities like this one. One of the key tenets of his campaign was a crackdown on immigration across the board, including taking on U.S. cities that shield residents from federal immigration authorities.

Seattle is one of those cities, having passed an ordinance in 2003 that bars police offices from inquiring into a person’s immigration status without a reasonable suspicion that they either committed a felony or may have been previously deported.

Seattle mayor Ed Murray told a crowd Wednesday that the city will continue to do so, even under potential threat of losing federal funding. “Seattle is the same city today that it was yesterday...guided by equality and inclusion and openness.”

It’s unclear if Seattle would be affected under Trump’s policies but Murray decried Trump’s many statements during the campaign that “demonstrated outright misogyny, demonstrated xenophobia and homophobia, nationalism, racism and authoritarian tendencies.”