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Break the rules in a double geodesic on Whidbey Island

Fuschia carpets are no surprise for folks willing to live in a pair of domes

Which was more important, the shape or the fun? Double dome people think pragmatically and unconventionally. Round houses are stronger, lighter, easier to heat, and can be cheaper to build. And they’re easier to have fun with because no one expects you to do the expected.

There aren’t many of them out there, so it’s a treat to come across a house that isn’t just one geodesic, but two. With thinking like that you didn’t expect beige carpets, did you?

Fuschia rules! At least in this house. Why not? The house, or houses, were built in 1985, back when geodesics were at least more familiar, if not common. Someone decided they needed four bedrooms and four bathrooms, which worked out to either one enormous dome, or two smaller domes connected by rectangle. The solution created 5,774 square feet of living space, two floors, and very few right angles. Maybe all of the bright colors are in one half, just to make it obvious which one you’re in. Which other color do you want to play with in the other half?

Buy in after negotiating with their $416,900 listing price which includes 2.52 acres, a two car garage, and lots of lawn. With an unconventional house you get to throw out the conventional rules. Don’t want furniture with corners? Great. Bean bags everywhere. Want to confuse spiders by providing fewer corners to spin across? Check to see if that happens. Soaring ceilings with unconventional acoustics will even make your house sound different.

They included a pool table, and old rectangular one. You know they make round ones, too.

Keep in mind that reselling unconventional properties can take a bit more time. According to Windermere, the property has only been on the market for less than a month; but according to Zillow, it has been on the market since 2013 with a range of pricing from a start at $498,500, up to $564,500, and now down to $416,900. A rough ride for them, but maybe a good deal for someone with the right mix of pragmatism and playfulness.