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West Seattle time capsule well-preseved at $550K

Given the features inside, this house might actually still be in 1964

Looking around this three-bedroom, 1,120 square-foot Atomic Ranch in West Seattle’s Gatewood neighborhood, we figure there can only be two explanations. Either the stager is so on top of their game that they’ve stocked the place with such perfect accoutrements that it looks like an idealized version of what this 1964 home originally looked like, or the home itself was preserved in amber and has just been released and reintroduced to the world.

We figure it’s the former but we’re holding out hope for the latter. It’s a much better story. If you buy the place for $550K, you can look around for clues to know for sure.

The architecture is classic mid-century with vaulted ceilings and exposed beams, hardwood floors, and a big, brick fireplace. But it’s the stylistic touches, like the old timey television set, era-appropriate furniture, and lava lamp in a bedroom that helps tell the story of this place.

Upon closer inspection, it does look like they’ve put in some work to refurbish the home, which kills our hopes and dreams but probably works out better for whoever lives here.