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Kirkland’s first solar community wants net zero to be new normal

Dwell Development steps up green construction and design once more

Dwell Development has officially introduced Lakeview Solar Community, a four-home, ultra-sustainable luxury project that is the first 5-star Built Green net zero ready residential community in Kirkland.

Comprised of two single-family homes and two-duplex units, the project provides 50-70 percent energy savings over the the average home. The residences will collectively create approximately 36,000kWH of energy per year (which equates to $4,400 savings per year, about $1,100 per year per home).

Prewired for solar, each roof was configured to maximize solar gain without sacrificing aesthetics. Prioritizing water savings, design techniques include pervious pavement, native landscaping and high-efficiency plumbing fixtures, which are expected to save roughly 6,000 gallons of water per year per home. Each home also include LED lighting, and Energy Star appliances.

Dwell also integrating reclaimed and native materials such as locally procured wood and flooring, corrugated metal and recycled building materials, which eliminated the energy use required to create new materials.

The duplex at 6629 Lakeview Drive is already pending at $1.75M while the 4-BR home at 6713 Lakeview Drive sold in August for $2M. The 4-BR at 6717 Lakeview Drive is currently off the market so we’ll have to keep an eye on when it returns.