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Our favorite Seattle fireplaces to keep you cozy this winter

Five fireplaces in homes currently on the market worth a look

It’s been unseasonably warm around Seattle recently but we all know that’s going to change sooner or later. When winter does finally get here, we’re all going to disappear into our homes and look for a way to keep warm and cozy until the spring. If you’re on the hunt for a new home right now, perhaps the fireplace will be the deal-breaker in one of these five residences currently on the market. From modern to rustic, they all have something in common. A fireplace that makes a statement and promises a source of heat when you need it.

This classic fireplace is located inside a $6.9M Mercer Island mansion. We like the column design and that the interior wall seems to be relatively new. Or at least the fireplace hasn’t been used that often. You’ll probably have to do some scrubbing to keep the brick design looking sharp. Then again, if you’re paying for this house you’ll probably pay for someone to do that, too.

On to a $10M home in Laurelhurst that features a quirky sense of style for it’s study fireplace. Surrounded by rich wood panels, the tile is a patchwork of designs that begs to learn the story behind each of them. Maybe that’s the trick to keep you mentally-busy when you’re just sitting there late at night watching the fire crackle.

Let’s head to Normandy Park where we’ll find a classic stone fireplace reaching to the ceiling of this $2.9M Normandy Park residence. It’s simple and rustic by design but sometimes that’s all you need. It feels like it was cobbled together by hand and it actually stretches across so much you could probably lay out on the stone on either side if you wanted.

Let’s go modern in Alki where you can find a three-sided fireplace in the main living area of this $2.5 waterfront home. Industrial up top, it fits the aesthetic of the residence and helps provide some heat to an indoor/outdoor dining area that will need it on chilly nights.

Belonging to Ryan Lewis (of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis), this $9.45M Magnolia residence is stunning in it’s design and attention to detail. That comes through on the fireplace with it’s dark brick and expansive throne-like design. Grab a seat under the chandelier and keep cozy in style.