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Who sunk a boat in this $525K Wedgwood house backyard?

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They sunk the boat into the ground, added water, and created...

Somewhere under decades of innovative remodels is a 1947 house in Meadowbrook. Now, its walls of windows, skylights, exposed beams, and simple style could almost make it modern. You may never guess that from the blue wood exterior that is crossed by natural wood decking.

And then, there’s the boat. But first, the house.

Some people are just better at DIY projects. Whether that’s the case here or not, someone had a sense of playful style and the ability to make it happen. Many of the projects, like the windows, are executed conventionally. None of the interior improvements appear to be frivolous; but, instead of marble counters they used dressed cement. Instead of a complicated jetted tub it looks like they used a deep, circular soaking tub under the shower. In an apparent search for privacy outside, they added a deck that nestles between two halves of the roof.

The boat is definitely playful. Boats are supposed to be watertight and keep the water out. They turned that around by sinking the boat into ground, filling it with water, and turning into - something. Is that supposed to be a tub? Rather icky and green for that. Maybe it’s a water feature, or a place for ducks to paddle. The boat sits in the sloped 8,276 square foot yard that’s arranged for gardens, walkways, and some sort of outside decking. Maybe it’s just there to make you smile while doing yardwork. Fun is allowed.

The basics of the house are important, too: two bedrooms, two bathrooms, 1,250 square feet, single-level living, and a price of $525,000. Those are the details that will matter every day; but you also get the great twist on the conversation starter of, "Let me show you my boat."