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The 5 least expensive homes in Sunset Hill

Save some money by walking to the view

We browsed the listings and found five of the least expensive homes in Sunset Hill. We know that you ideally buy here because you want the view that inspired the name. But if you want to save a few bucks, consider a place without one. Besides, you can always just walk to the view pretty quickly.

Up on the hill and back from the bluff to the point is a three bedroom, one bathroom, 1,900 square foot Cape Cod on a 5,625 square foot lot. It is a simple and practical design with an open floor plan and a partial basement. Why complicate things? Someone had the right timing and bought it for $140K in 2013. Now, it is listed at $595,000. That could sound like a flip, but aside from refinishing the floors and repainting the walls, they’ve left the next owners to decide whether to update the kitchen and bath.

Coved ceilings are nice, but the way the fireplace mantel and chimney smoothly transition into ceiling softens the space. A scalloped archway into the dining room subtly adds a different kind of flair. Updates may need to happen here, too; but that’s eventual in 1928 houses. This is also a Cape Cod, with two stories, three bedrooms, a bathroom, and 1,820 square feet of space. It is listed at nearly the same price, $599,000; and has a similar location a few blocks back from the bluff.

Generally, within the same neighborhood, condos are cheaper than houses; but not when views are involved. This two bedroom, one and a half bathroom condo has views from the southeast corner that provides glimpses of Shilshole Bay and the Sound if you step out and look to the right. The price, $659,000, for a 1,120 square foot home built in 1968. One advantage, the walk to the marina is about as long as some of the parking there.

A house with a view, but this time it is a 1920 Craftsman with a view of the Cascades thanks to the balcony off the master bedroom. For style, look at the glass doored, china cabinet room divider. Stained glass, a gentle arch to the wood work, and simple hardware create a quiet and tasteful way to separate and connect the rooms. Look for other mullioned windows throughout. The property is listed at $825,000, which includes a 5,375 square foot yard that’s fenced in back, a shop, an apartment, plus the basic four bedrooms and three bathrooms that sit in 2,450 square feet. Lots of room and plenty of options.

Welcome to the penthouse, a 1968 condo that’s undergone a custom renovation (is there any other kind?). It is listed at $849,000, which reflects impressive upgrades throughout, and the location. Being on top has its benefits. With this view you can probably check on your boat without having to leave your home. It is a two bedroom, two bathroom, 1,059 square foot unit, which works out to $802 per square foot. Why hasn’t it sold in four months on the market? Take a tour and tell us.