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North Beach time capsule includes views for $1.2M

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Take a look at the Sound from a home that looks like it’s from another time

A lot has changed since the midcentury moderns in North Beach were built, but those views remain relatively the same. Puget Sound, The Olympics, and even the shores of Whidbey Island were just as visible in 1959 as they are today. The 4-BR, 3,540 square-foot home at 2859 NW 96 Street doesn’t seem to have changed too much on the inside since then either.

Asking $1.195M, the custom-built residence was designed smart, with each room room featuring it’s own western views and light. As you’d expect, the main areas are open-living, putting a focus on the large windows and furnishings within. Lots of classic midcentury design, including the big stone fireplace and wood-laden kitchen. And of course there’s that cerulean carpet and that wallpaper, which, you’re either on board with or you’re not.

The lower level family room is a cozy throwback with a brick fireplace and windows that don’t make it feel like a basement. Outside, you get a retro deck to relax on to complete the picture of this property and it’s devotion to location...and those views.