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Big Reveal: $4.45M for this Madison Tower penthouse

No one guessed quite high enough for this high-rise condo

Yesterday we asked you to take a guess at the actual asking price for the 2-BR, 2.25-bath penthouse condo in Madison Tower that just listed. We saw a guess as low as $1.8M and as high as $3.6M. That high guess wasn’t high enough but it was close enough (nice work, MichaelMack).

The actual asking price: $4.45M.

Located on the 24th floor of Madison Tower, this is one of the city’s most exclusive residences in one of the city’s most exclusive addresses. The fact that you get full Elliott Bay views is certainly going to drive your guess skyward. The viewing perch from which you can see the Great Wheel and beyond is a real treat. The master suite gives you city views so you’re basically getting a little bit of everything. The condo also includes two decks to enjoy the view from the outside as well. Because there’s a hotel in the building, you get access to it’s amenities, which include a spa, room service, and valet parking.

And remember, if you think that price is high, a penthouse at Escala just sold for $8M. So that kinda puts things in perspective...