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A modern Craftsman lists for $1.3M in Green Lake

Say hello to your neighbors from this 2,960 sq ft house on a 3,049 sq ft lot

Get to know your neighbors in this 2,960 square foot Craftsman that was set onto a 3,049 square foot lot in 2006. It has the classic style with a set of stairs leading to a small covered porch that’s big enough for two chairs, a narrow outline, and a facade of a pitched roof. The second floor helps with the square footage. A lower pitch for the rest of the roof bumps out the volume upstairs. The space between the houses though, well, as Seattle becomes denser everyone gets a little closer.

They’re offering the four bedroom, four bathroom house for $1,295,000, about $438 per square foot. The details pay homage to older Craftsmans with wood paneled walls topped with columns and lintels. Diamond shaped window panels and deeply colored wood stair rails look like they could be well-maintained century-old originals. The kitchen and bathrooms are definitely more modern thanks to appliances and fixtures that weren’t available back then. One of the bedrooms appears to be equipped with a wall bed, one way to add a bed without losing much floor space.

Check out the media room for one of the most modern touches. A ceiling-mounted projector illuminates an impressive ceiling-mounted, retractable screen. The room is on the lower level, so your movie experience probably won’t be diluted by light intrusions. Somewhere in there is also a wine cellar, an old idea but don’t be surprised if it’s more than just a cool, dry, dark room.

Rather than hang a large balcony off the main house, they installed a deck on the roof of the garage. There’s enough room for you and your neighbors to do more than wave at each other window to window.