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Seattle rent comparison: What $4,000/month gets you

What do you get for four grand a month? Hopefully a lot

Don’t be surprised to find that at $4,000 per month, the apartments cluster towards downtown. That’s a double bonus because they come with great amenities in neighborhoods that have great amenities.

Start at AVA Capitol Hill where a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment rents for $3,962. The 1,380 square foot is near places to play and ways to get to work. There’s a closet equipped for your bicycle and other outdoor gear. Considering Seattle’s weather, it’s good that there’s a laundry in the unit, too. They accommodate cats, large dogs, and small dogs. Maybe medium dogs are negotiable.

Take yourself back to 1921, but with modern amenities. On Lower Queen Anne there’s a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment that rents at $3,995. If you want to try living in a historic home, but want to get a feel for it first, here’s a way to be inside classic style. Hit the antique shops for furniture to go along with 1,653 square feet of hardwood, wood-framed doorways, and an original fireplace. It all fits Queen Anne style. Keeping it that way may be why they don’t allow pets.

How many places are "designed to be a flexible community for individuals and teams to flourish"? Evidently, the Commons at Ballard isn’t just for someone trying to find a place to alone. These are apartments with efficiency in mind: on-site retail, bike rooms, and collaborative spaces. A two bedroom, two bathroom with 1,096 square feet rents for $3,995+. (As will all of these units, check the prices. A lot can hide behind a + sign.) Pets are allowed, just like above.

The views may do well enough for you. One or two good chairs pulled up to the windows and sit back to watch Puget Sound and its traffic, the Olympics and the sunsets, and the city around you, including a high view of the Sculpture Park. Being a corner unit helps. This two bedroom, two bathroom apartment in Belltown rents at the very simple price of $4,000. Fill the 1,226 square feet with furniture if you want, but the style is minimalist, so you can keep it simple. No pets. Sometimes they can be too complicated.

No pet rent! Great, because they have such a tough time making money. Just kidding. Pets are allowed, as above. For $4,025 at the Residences at Broadway Market you can get a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment with 1,561 square feet of space. Part of what you’re paying for is great access to a iconic Seattle community - that probably wouldn’t want to be known as an icon. Upgrades have been made, but much of the unit is left as a blank canvas, something creatives and artists can appreciate.