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Mixing materials makes a new kind of modern

Someone had fun with doors

If it’s modern, why do things the old way? This new, four bedroom, three bathroom, 1,912 square foot house sits on a 1,350 square foot lot. Very modern, having less space outside than inside. Having a few floors to pick from helps. While the design is rather blocky, a mix of materials mixes up the spaces.

Get inside for a different mix. Much of the decor is minimalist and modern. Steel, tile, and concrete are more common. Burnished steel for the mantel should be safe from fire. The open steel framework that protects yet exposes the staircase is an example of what looks like standard panels repurposed for home use - though they fit so well they may be custom. For some more conventional touches, there’s hardwood for stair treads and landings.

And then there are the doors. Barn-style doors are in fashion, less worry about something swinging into something else. You do have to worry about wall clearance and where to hang art. Maybe they’re more likely stay in place during a quake. A heavy, blackened, distressed door leads to an office alcove that’s big enough for a chair, a shelf, and a laptop - all that’s needed for some workers. The heaviness matches the modernity though by being polished. An interesting contrast, which is typical throughout the home.

They’re asking $799,999 for the unconventional design that sits amidst old Ballard, a few blocks back from NW Market Street, but with a very walkable Walk Score of 93. If nothing else, walk by for a tour and a visit to see something unique; and also to see if there are other units that look the same.