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Will Seattle become Canada’s Southwest?

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Cascadia, or Canada South: an interesting intellectual exercise

Folks have talked about it for decades, redefining Washington State. Usually, the inspiration has been finding a better cultural match with our neighbors in Oregon and British Columbia. The idea is back again, and with a lot more energy. This time, it isn’t just a Seattle idea. Some Canadians have extended us an invitation to become Canada’s Southwest. Thanks, Canada, that’s very nice of you.

Californians are considering becoming an independent nation. They certainly have the economy thanks to access to the Pacific Rim. They’ve a campaign to submit a referendum in 2019. Oregonians began a similar petition. Locally, Cascadia Now has long been a champion of the commonality of our cultures.

Redrawing the map of the United States and North America is an interesting intellectual exercise. If we became part of Canada we might want to change our name; and luckily we have several to pick from. Seattle has been included in maps of Rainier, Cascade, Columbia, and The Left Coast.

The likelihood is small, but then, uncommon things have been happening lately. Just ask anyone familiar with Brexit. There are legal options, but they aren’t easy; but they aren’t impossible, either. Constitutional amendments may be the simplest approach. Countries annexing property by treaty is common enough.

The task is tough enough that the Oregon effort has already been retracted. No state is totally red or blue or interested in staying or going. Dividing a state east to west and north to south may help, but those negotiations are also complicated. The Canadian invitation is not official policy, just a fun idea launched by some people who have a great sense of humor - and an appreciation of culture.

We won’t resolve it here, but the question is being asked, totally unofficial invitations are being offered, and petitions are being circulated. If our housing situation didn’t seem bizarre enough before, imagine what would happen then.