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Luxury waterfront in a luxury community lists for $2M

Waterfront with Boeing and the Seahawks as neighbors? That’s Renton.

Get to know what’s it’s like to have the Seahawks and Boeing as neighbors. For $1,990,000 there’s a three bedroom, one and three-quarter bathroom, 2,710 square foot house for sale on the shore of Lake Washington. Airplanes to the south. Football to the north.

Most million dollar houses stand alone, fitting every amenity inside the property. Evidently, it is possible to be in a community of luxury houses that has luxurious common spaces. Basically, it looks like a very upscale banquet and convention center on-site, or a place for really big parties. Check the Sunday schedules. It might be busy then.

The house is listed as a one story, which would suggest the elevator doesn’t get to do much, but the photos and the mention of a 1,010 square foot basement suggest there are effectively two floors. Downstairs (ground level for the elevator folks) is a fenced lawn that is part of the 6,098 square foot property. It’s good to have some place for scrimmages. Upstairs is the main living space with the casual formality of simple things done exceptionally well. The kitchen with long, stone slab counters leads to a dining area that is the backdrop for the living room. Step outside onto the balcony to check the weather or listen to a 737 fly for the first time.

Your view is of the passage between the mainland and the east shore of Mercer Island, a quiet stretch of water for shipping traffic, but you’ll get to enjoy a parade of pleasure craft sailing from either the Renton docks or Newport Yacht Club. At least you won’t have to worry about tidal surges with lake front.