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1918 Cape Cod in Ballard asking $650K

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Bulls, blues, and a Buddha in Ballard

The posters probably won’t stay, but these fans of the blues have filled this Ballard home with fine decor. Maybe a stager would go that far, but they probably wouldn’t have included the bulls head motif as well. And, just to round out the ‘b’s, a baby Buddha sits outside. Let’s take a tour.

The house is a Cape Cod with two bedrooms and one bathroom, built in 1918, not quite a centenarian. Behind and beneath the music and livestock theme is a classic arrangement of hardwood floors, columnar room dividers, and linteled doorways. The ceilings are boxed by beams that cross creating a bit more interest above.

Updates happen in the kitchen and baths. In this case, that means subtly new cabinets and back splash that accommodate modern appliances and plumbing without disrupting the period character of the house.

With 1,880 square feet to work with, they’ve done a nice job; but evidently wanted to find room for one more feature. Outside and down the stairs is a shed that’s about the size of an ADU, but that they’ve used for a media room. Close the doors and curtains, crank the volume, and hopefully no one in the house or neighborhood will be disturbed by your movie night.

In what remains of the 3,900 square foot lot, there’s a private garden that’s mostly flagstones and ferns.

The upgrades, and the simplicity inside and outside, create an opportunity for low maintenance and time to relax. Is all of that worth $650,000? Would it help if they included the posters or the animal skulls?