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Triangular First Hill apartment complex comes with pocket park

A triangular park is now part of the project

Details are settling out since we last reported on the First Hill apartment project being proposed by grouparchitect. The triangular building that will fit at the intersection of East Union Street, University Street, and Boylston Avenue is proposed to have six floors of residential units above 4,900 square feet of retail space. A pocket park being developed with SDOT will soften the exterior and is being designed by Berger Partnership.

While the number of apartments (a mix of one and two bedroom units) has settled at the maximum of 36 described earlier this year, the number of parking stalls has dipped to twelve.

The building will fit on the 6,120 square foot lot while accommodating the necessities of pedestrians, bicycles, and the retail establishments.

It is proposed that the “exceptional tree” will be replaced with a large canopy tree for shade in the park.

As much as the triangular shape will make the building stand out, the pocket park will emphasize the unique character of the space.