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Fireplaces populate a $2.7M Medina mansion

If it’s in Medina it must be magnificent. Right?

It was designed to look like the home of a vineyard’s owner, a Southern Mediterranean luxury estate backed by acres of grapes. This impressive stucco mansion was built in Medina on 0.38 acres that settled for magnificent gardens, and comforts throughout the house. One piece of evidence, check out the fireplaces. Other evidence of the quality, the price, $2,698,000.

Fireplaces, evidently every room on the main floor that has any hope of privacy has a fireplace. The kitchen and dining room don’t. There’s probably a bathroom or two that do without, but you get the idea. Try counting them. It might take a tour. Some are obviously gas, or else someone does a phenomenal job cleaning the white carpets beside the mantel. The most impressive is the rough rock one that anchors the living room.

There’s nothing rough about the rest of the house. Four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, and 4,500 square feet of refined spaces, including several opportunities for offices and dens. Someone has to pay for the place, or, there are that many places for comfortable computer use. Tablet computers weren’t as popular then, and a desk made more sense.

You may notice the daily luxuries, like the pasta spigot over the stove. Your guests may notice things like the long red bench backed by windows that line the kitchen, almost as if it was seating for folks to watch a celebrity chef in action.

There’s enough room inside for large parties, but head outside to the flagstone deck and walkways that provide views and access to manicured lawns and gardens. If the weather gets to chilly, head back inside and pick a fireplace. There are certainly enough to choose from.