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Creative beach house lists at $450k in Ferndale

Labels? They don’t stick to this house.

The most Northwest thing about this house may be that no labels describe it. Someone had an idea for their beach house, built it without caring about convention, and created something original, practical, and artistic - that somehow embodies and respects the original Northwest character.

One thing that emphasizes the area, they shot the photos on a cloudy, bright day. Sunshine? Bah! Who needs it?

If the house harkens to any architecture, it is probably a longhouse. The main structure is defined and supported by a massive pillar holding up a massive beam. Roof supports radiate out as the ceiling rises to pull the view into the main living space. Floor to ceiling windows bracket the corner under the jutting beam that could be the house’s bowsprit in a storm.

The house isn’t all wood. Brick walls and flooring surround a wood-burning fireplace that has a mantel large enough for warming an indoor garden - or cats, dogs, and people who need to chase away a chill. The hood is a custom metal piece that combines simplicity and functionality while being large enough to catch almost any wayward whiff of smoke.

It wouldn’t be a surprise to find out that the kitchen cabinets are custom, just like the skylight must be to fit inside the framing of the roof. More custom windows angle along the one bedroom. More custom cabinets line the three-quarter bathroom. And, of course, the art carved and painted into doors and the exterior panels are unique.

Some data. The house is 812 square feet with 92 feet of waterfront that faces the San Juan Islands. Oh yes, and the price of original art on the shore: $450,000.

You may want to budget in some for new appliances, and a house inspector who appreciates something different. The house was built in 1960 and a few things have changed and aged since then.