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Queen Anne grocery turned condo lists at $399K

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Shall they ring that package up for you?

Once upon a time, the 1933 building was known as the S. F. Denny Grocery and Meats. In 1998 it was "re-invented" as four condos. Now, one of the two bedroom, two bathroom units is for sale at $399,000 (plus $253 per month.) Do you want them to ring that up for you?

Buy an old property that had been commercial and get some benefits: good street presence, brick facade, nine and ten foot tall ceilings, and a parking lot.

The unit comes with 906 square feet and two stories, so each floor will be a bit smaller, but that may just be what you’re after if you’re downsizing or trying a more minimalist lifestyle.

The building may be old but the appliances, fixtures, and systems are new. The hardwood floors are original (some fir and softwood, too), but much of the rest is modern. The re-invention kept things simple, so you get to decorate to your tastes. There isn’t much to force a design to be too old or too modern.

Location is important, and according to the listing "this location is close to EVERYTHING!" There’s even a grocery store less than half a mile away. Enjoy your shopping.